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Annuityedu.com was created to help provide Annuity Education to Retiree’s through Unbiased Annuity Reviews.  Annuities are the most complicated type of investment product currently being offered. Our mission is to help educate you with a 2nd opinion view on a particular annuity.

I’m a fee-based Registered Investment Adviser, Certified Financial Planner Professional, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and Accredited Wealth Management Adviser designee. I’ll use my analytical skills, retirement planning perspective, and experience to help you understand both sides of Annuities. Where they work best in retirement planning strategies, and the math on how to see through the many different types of riders and features that annuities have. This way, there will be an accurate comparison against other annuities and annuity alternatives before making a decision with often irreversible consequences.


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