Annuities can be harmful to your wealth if used incorrectly. is dedicated to providing investors with the information and 2nd opinion point of view on a particular annuity and it’s features. Our goal is to help retiree’s make the best decisions for them and their retirement goals.

Too often we’ve seen retiree’s being sold annuities with very high conflicts of interest. Investors may not fully understand how the annuity works due to ‘smoke and mirrors’ riders that sometimes don’t add as much as they may sound like they add to your retirement income plan once the true rate of return is factored into your analysis.

Many insurance agents can only recommend annuities, so an annuity will be the way to solve any problem and also to achieve any goal. At we’re dedicated to arming you with a 2nd opinion viewpoint on annuities in the marketplace today. With our help, you can make this important decision with as much information and education on annuity features as possible. 

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